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Fiberglass Hawaii has been supplying the needs of composite builders since 1966, shipping products worldwide. We stock an extensive inventory of polyester, epoxy, and vinyl ester resins. Our reinforcement stocks include carbon, glass, and kevlar fabrics, as well as a wide variety of specialty fabrics, mats, and roving.

When it comes to building with reinforced plastics, we supply the tools, chemicals, abrasives, colorants, and support to satisfy the most eclectic needs.

FGH Product List available for download.

Stand-up Paddleboard Blanks In Stock!

In addition to the to the US Blanks SUP line that we carry, we have high quality block polystyrene and polyurethane stand-up blanks available exclusively through our Ventura store. Call (805) 644-0009 for more information. As the popularity of paddleboarding continues to grow, we will strive to bring you the products you need to build the highest quality boards.
For surfboard shapers, we stock large quantities of US Blanks's high-quality polyurethane and EPS surfboard blanks at the best possible prices.

blanks catalog
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