Fiberglass Hawaii Poly Sheet Foam

Poly Sheet Foam is a rigid, CFC-free, polyether polyurethane foam with fine closed-cell structure and is wonderfully versatile for sandwich-core applications. It cuts and shapes easily with common woodworking tools and bonds to itself and other materials with most epoxy, polyester, or urethane-type adhesives. Poly Sheet Foam will not absorb liquid water, and it is largely unaffected by solvents and paints. It can be used in regular molds after gel-coat and first two layers of glass are laid in. Poly Sheet Foam is specially formulated to meet the physical-property demands of the FRP-composite boat builder.

Item Number Description Quantity Price
Below Sheets are 4Lbs 2'x8'
FM04-P100 1" Each Click Here
FM04-P150 1.5" Each Click Here
FM04-P200 2" Each Click Here
Below Sheets are 6Lbs 2'x8'
FM06-P050 1/2" Each Click Here
FM06-P075 3/4" Each Click Here

*Pricing subject to change without notice.