Fiberglass Hawaii Balsa Core

Balsa Core is the strongest of the lightweight core materials used in marine construction. Sandwiching Balsa Core between fiberglass laminations creates an extremely stiff, high-strength composite with low additional weight. Balsa Core's end-grain, micro-honeycomb structure offers exceptional strength and stiffness. It provides a high strength-to-weight ratio. Balsa Core is scored and backed with a fiber scrim. The grid scoring allows the core to readily conform to the contours of molds and curved surfaces without buildup of internal stresses in the laminate.

Item Number Description Quantity Price
All sheets are 24" x 48"
CMBL-0,25SL 1/4" Each SHOP
CMBL-0,5 1/2" Each SHOP
CMBL-0,625 5/8" Each SHOP
CMBL-0,75 3/4" Each SHOP
CMBL-1,00 1" Each SHOP

*Pricing subject to change without notice.

Balsa Core