Fiberglass Hawaii Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foams are an engineering material created by a production process that mixes polyisocyanate and polyol chemicals. The combination allows PUs to be formulated with greatly varying properties, from stiff and hard-to-soft and flexible, depending upon the desired application. By using additives, catalysts, or a blowing agent, PUs can be formulated as a padding, binder, coating, sealant or filler.

Item Number Description Quantity Price
All sheets are 2Lbs 4' x 8'
FM02-0,5 1/2" (Special Order) Each** SHOP
FM02-0,75 3/4" (Special Order) Each** SHOP
FM02-1,0 1" Each** SHOP
FM02-1,5 1.5" Each** SHOP
FM02-2,0 2" Each** SHOP
FM02-3,0 3" Each** SHOP
FM02-4,0 4" Each** SHOP

*Pricing subject to change without notice.

**Items not available in all locations. Please call your closest store for details.