USBlanks, FGH 9 feet 9 inches polyurethane blank
Item Number Description Price
0909AAA010801000 USB 9'9"A RED 1/8" BASS TBD

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Pat Rawson

Shaper Pat Rawson
9'9" A

Overall Bottom Length:
9' 10" (299.72 cm)

Tip-to-tip Deck Length:
9' 8 ¾" (296.55 cm)

Maximum Width:
22 ½" (57.15 cm)

Maximum Thickness:
3 11/16" (9.37 cm)


Introduced September 2006


Shaper's Comments:
This newly made 9’9”A blank was lengthened to easily net a 9’9” bottom length. I redesigned the rail shape for less waste and stronger foam, and I also widened the nose @12” by ½”, the wide point by ¼”, and the tail @12” by ½” as to be a more useful blank in this size/volume range. The new natural rocker in this mold design is the 9’9”A +3/8” nose, +½” tail. This rocker being shaped in instead of glued up, will allow for a much more accurate finished rocker, due to no “spring back.” I have the old 9’9”A natural rocker if anyone still wants it. All the “A” series blanks are designed to take the majority of thickness off the bottom, leaving small adjustments in the nose and tail rocker and their thicknesses. This blank can be ordered wider or narrower as to allow for stronger decks/rails near the perimeter of the board outline, and less waste.