S-glass cloth for use in high strength surfboard, paddleboard and sailboard construction.

Fiberglass Hawaii developed S Glass Cloth as the industry standard for high strength fiberglass surfboard construction and repair. S-Glass has much higher strength charactersitics than standard E-Glass at similar weights and therefore is preferred in applications where strength and clarity is a must.


S Glass Cloth can be laminated with Fiberglass Hawaii resins applied with a brush, roller, or squeegee.


Although S Glass Cloth is ideally suited to surfboard lamination it can be used in all marine, and general purpose fiberglass work.

Style Numbers, Weights and Weaves:

Fabrics are available packaged in cut lengths as well as full rolls.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

*Quantity discount breaks available. Call to inquire.

 Item Number Description Roll Width Inches Length Retail Price per yd
  4oz S Cloth      
FGHX-4522_27 4.0oz Hexcel 27 1-3 yd Click Here 
FGHX-4522_30 4.0oz Hexcel 30 1-3 yd Call for Availability
  6oz S Cloth      
FGHX-4533_30 6.0oz Hexcel 30 1-3 yd Click Here 
Fiberglass cloth package, roll, and box