Warp glass cloth for use in high strength surfboard, paddleboard and sailboard construction.

Warp glass was developed in the early 1990's to be a more suitable fabric for the surf and sailboard industry.   The count
per square inch in each direction of the cloth was re-distributed by adding more "picks" to the "warp" (lengthwise direction) and removing picks from the "fill" (sideways direction). The logic behind the weave being boards are longer than they are wide. These modified "warp" fabrics do not increase or decrease the weight of the material laminated to the board.

Fiberglass Hawaii also developed a  re-aligned fabric in the mid 1980's (Style 1064) which is a combination of 6oz yarns in the "warp" and 4oz yarns in the "fill" which weighs 4.5 oz per square yard; a logical construction considering the need for nose-to-tail strength.

Fiberglass Hawaii's Warp Glass Cloth can be used in fiberglass surfboard construction and repair.


Warp Cloth can be laminated with Fiberglass Hawaii resins applied with a brush, roller, or squeegee.


Although Warp Glass Cloth is ideally suited to surfboard lamination it can be used in all marine, and general purpose fiberglass work.

Style Numbers, Weights and Weaves:

Fabrics are available packaged in cut lengths as well as full rolls.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

*Quantity discount breaks available. Call to inquire.

 Item Number Description Roll Width Inches Length Retail Price per yd
  4oz WARP      
FGHX-1579_25 4oz Hexcel 25 1-3 yd SHOP
FGJS-1521_25 4oz JPS 25 1-3 yd SHOP
FGHX-1579_27 4oz Hexcel 27 1-3 yd SHOP
FGJS-1521_27 4oz JPS 27 1-3 yd SHOP
FGHX-1579_30 4oz Hexel 30 1-3 yd SHOP
FGJS-1521_30 4oz JPS 30 1-3 yd SHOP
  6oz WARP      
FGHX-7580_27 6oz Hexcel 27 1-3 yd SHOP
FGJS-7531_27 6oz JPS 27 1-3 yd SHOP
FGHX-7580_30 6oz Hexcel 30 1-3 yd SHOP
FGJS-7531_30 6oz JPS 30 1-3 yd SHOP
Fiberglass cloth package, roll, and box