Fiberglass Hawaii Chopped Strand Mat for fiberglass construction and repair.

Chopped Strand Mats consist of chopped glass fibers bonded together using either an emulsion binder or a polyester powder. The mats are designed to be compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and a variety of other resins.
Chopped Strand Mats are used as gel-coat backups and standard laminate reinforcements for most contact molding (hand lay-up) applications, including boats, surfboards, panels, tanks and other diverse applications.
Their many excellent product characteristics have been used to provide superior performance in a broad range of end-use markets such as marine, transportation, recreation, construction, consumer and anti-corrosion.

*Pricing subject to change without notice.

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 Item Number Description Roll Width Inches Length Retail Price per yd
FGMT-075038OC 3/4oz 38 1-4 yd SHOP
FGMT-OC1,5_04 1.5oz** 4 1-4 yd SHOP
FGMT-OC1,5_06 1.5oz 6 1-4 yd SHOP
FGMT-OC1,5_12 1.5oz 12 1-4 yd SHOP
FGMT-150038OC 1.5oz 38 1-4 yd SHOP
FGMT-150050OC 1.5oz 50 1-4 yd SHOP
FGMT-200038OC 2oz** 38 1-4 yd Call
FGMT-PP0338 3oz** 38 1-4 yd Call
Chopped Strand Mat