Fiberglass Hawaii Gun Roving for fiberglass construction and repair.

Gun Rovings are continuous glass fibers bonded together with high-performance sizings and gathered together into strands without twist.
Gun Roving can be used in many processes, including but not limited to sheet molding (SMC), spray-up, panel, centrifugal casting, long fiber injection (LFI), glass mat thermoplastics (GMT) and continuous molding (CMC). The roving strands are chopped and used with a wide variety of resins, including but not limited to polyester (PE), vinyl ester (VE), polyurethane (PU), styrene butadiene (SBR), chloroprene rubber (CR), polypropylene (PP) and epoxy (EP) resin systems.

Item Number Description Length Price per LB
FGGR-OC3021 Owens Corning 300 (ME3021-207) Roll Only SHOP
FGGR-PPG6000 Hybon PPG 6000-207 Roll Only SHOP
FGGR-FT Fibertex Creel 2400 (FRP) Roll Only SHOP
Gun Roving