Fiberglass Hawaii Woven Roving for fiberglass construction and repair.

Woven Roving is a bidirectional fabric made by interweaving direct roving in plain weave pattern. Woven Roving is compatible with many resins.
It is a high-performance reinforcement and widely used in hand and machine production, such as boats, vessels, planes, FRP tank and other FRP products Woven Roving width ranging from 150mm-1500mm, Densely aligned fibers resulting in a high strength. Good mold ability and drapability making handing easy. Warp and weft rovings aligned in a parallel and flat manner resulting in uniform tension and very little twist. Excellent rollout characteristics. Good wet-out in resins. Type of glass: E-glass.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

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 Item Number Description Roll Width Inches Length Retail Price per yd
FGWR-018038OC 18oz 38 1-4 yd SHOP
FGWR-024004VET 24oz** 4 1-4 yd SHOP
FGWR-024006VET 24oz** 6 1-4 yd SHOP
FGWR-024012VET 24oz** 12 1-4 yd SHOP
FGWR-024038OC 24oz 38 1-4 yd SHOP
FGWR-024050OC 24oz** 50 1-4 yd SHOP
FGWR-024060OC 24oz** 60 Roll Only Call
Woven Roving