Fiberglass Hawaii E Glass Tape is the industry standard for fiberglass construction and repair.


E Glass Tape can be laminated with Fiberglass Hawaii resins applied with a brush, roller, or squeegee.


Boat and tooling tapes are used in the majority of cases, for "wet layup" applications. Our tapes have a fairly open weave to optimize wettability and cure time for the product. To insure maximum compatibility between the glass and resin.

Weights and Weaves:

Tapes are available packaged in cut lengths as well as full rolls.

*Pricing subject to change without notice.

**Item not available in all locations. Please call your closest store for details.

 Item Number Description Roll Width Inches Length Retail Price per yd
FGTP-640_01 6oz** 1 1-10 yd SHOP
FGTP-640_02 6oz** 2 1-10 yd SHOP
FGTP-640_04 6oz** 4 1-10 yd SHOP
FGTP-640_06 6oz** 6 1-10 yd SHOP
FGTP-640_08 6oz** 8 1-10 yd SHOP
FGTP-520_02 9oz** 2 1-10 yd SHOP
FGTP-520_04 9oz** 4 1-10 yd SHOP
FGTP-520_06 9oz** 6 1-10 yd SHOP
FGTP-520_12 9oz** 12 1-10 yd SHOP
Fiber reinforcement Tapes

E Glass Tape

Fiberglass Hawaii glass tapes are supplied with custom prefinished, F16 finish. In this heat cleaning process the organic starch binder is almost completely removed from the tape. A light coating of polyester and epoxy compatible silene finish is added to the tape for superior wet-out performance.

When it comes to building with reinforced plastics, we supply the tools, chemicals, abrasives, colorants, and support to satisfy the most eclectic needs.