Fiberglass Hawaii Carbon/Glass Tape is the industry standard for strength and rigidity in construction and repair.


Carbon/Glass Tape can be laminated with Fiberglass Hawaii resins applied with a brush, roller, or squeegee.


Boat and tooling tapes are used in the majority of cases, for "wet layup" applications. Our tapes have a fairly open weave to optimize wettability and cure time for the product. To insure maximum compatibility between the glass and resin.

Weights and Weaves:

Tapes are available packaged in cut lengths as well as full rolls.

Fiber reinforcement Tapes

Carbon/Glass Tape

Fiberglass Hawaii Carbon/Glass tapes provide outstanding reinforcement in high strength automotive, aeronautical, and, marine applications.

When it comes to building with reinforced plastics, we supply the tools, chemicals, abrasives, colorants, and support to satisfy the most eclectic needs.