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Item Number Description Volume Price
PGTN-GR_001 Green Tint 1oz SHOP
PGTN-GR_002 Green Tint 2oz SHOP
PGTN-GR_004 Green Tint 4oz SHOP
PGTN-GR_005 Green Tint 8oz SHOP
PGTN-GR_010 Green Tint 16oz SHOP
PGTN-GR_020 Green Tint 32oz SHOP
PGTN-GR_LB Green Tint LB Call

*Pricing subject to change without notice.

Fiberglass Hawaii Green Tint

We use only the finest colorants in our tints to insure even dispersion. Because Fiberglass Hawaii Translucent Tints are highly concentrated and therefore do not impart their true color until mixed with resin.

FGH Tints are available in 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, pint, and quart containers or by the pound. Please call for pricing.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Due to variations in computer displays, colors are for reference only, and are not accurate representations of true product hue.