Waves, FGH

For surfboards, sailboards and other applications where a water-clear coating is required.

Vapors harmful. Keep out of reach of children.

Fiberglass Hawaii aluzine epoxy resin system is a low viscosity, clear, two-component, ultraviolet-resistant epoxy laminating system, designed for the manufacturing of high strength, lightweight composites with fiberglass, aramid, or carbon fibers. Can be used on most surfaces including wood, fiberglass, polystyrene, polyurethene, and PVC foams. Will not bond to most plastics.


Surface must be sanded and clean, dry and free of oil-based paint, oil, wax, dust and other contaminants. Do not wipe with tack cloth.


Ratio by volume is 2 parts resin A to 1 part hardener B. Ratio by weight is 100 parts resin A to 40 parts hardener B. Do not alter mixing ratio. Mix the resin and hardener together for at least 3 minutes. Large batches need longer mixing for uniform cure.


Best results will be obtained @ 75º F. Colder temperatures will cause system to thicken and cure more slowly. To avoid waste, mix only the quantity that can be used in 20 minutes. Using brush and/or squeegee, apply mixed resin/hardener to surface. To enhance the bond between fill coat and lamination, use a paper towel with denatured alcohol to clean and “bite” into epoxy surface. Apply fill coat no sooner than 8 hours and no later than 24 hours after lamination. If unable to hot-coat within this time frame, roughen entire surface with sandpaper.

Pot Life

Approximately 20 minutes @ 75º F.

Cure Time

48 hours + post cure @ 120° F or 14 days @ 75° F.


Use Fiberglass Hawaii Acetone for cleanup of tools and equipment. Wash hands thoroughly after use with soap and water only.


Applying fiberglass, kevlar, or carbon fibers to surfboard, sailboards, kayaks, canoes, model airplanes, or any other product where superior physical properties and ultraviolet resistance are a design criteria.

Avoid breathing vapors and contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Hands or other skin areas coming in contact with epoxy should be washed thoroughly with soap and water. Rubber gloves and eye protection should be worn when handling.

Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
To request product MSDS please email: Product Support

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Item Number Description Volume Price
REAL-R_02 2:1 Aluzine Epoxy Resin Quart SHOP
REAL-R_03 2:1 Aluzine Epoxy Resin 1/2 Gal SHOP
REAL-R_04 2:1 Aluzine Epoxy Resin Gallon SHOP
REAL-R_045 2:1 Aluzine Epoxy Resin 2 Gal SHOP
REAL-R_05 2:1 Aluzine Epoxy Resin 5 Gal SHOP
REAL-R_10 2:1 Aluzine Epoxy Resin 10 Gal SHOP
REAL-R_DRUM 2:1 Aluzine Epoxy Resin Drum Call
REAL-H_01 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST Pint SHOP
REAL-HS_01 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW Pint SHOP
REAL-H_02 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST Quart SHOP
REAL-HS_02 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW Quart SHOP
REAL-H_03 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST 1/2 Gal SHOP
REAL-HS_03 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW 1/2 Gal SHOP
REAL-H_04 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST Gallon SHOP
REAL-HS_04 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW Gallon SHOP
REAL-H_045 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST 2.5 Gal SHOP
REAL-HS_045 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW 2.5 Gal SHOP
REAL-H_05 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST 5 Gal SHOP
REAL-HS_05 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW 5 Gal SHOP
REAL-AK_01,5 2:1 Aluzine 1.5 Quart Kit
(1QT Resin/1 PT Hardener)
REAL-AK_0,75 2:1 Aluzine 3 Quart Kit
(1/2 Gal Resin/1 QT Hardener)
REAL-AK_01,5G 2:1 Aluzine 1.5 Gallon Kit
(1 Gal Resin/0.5 Gal Hardener)
1.5 Gal SHOP
REAL-AK_03,0 2:1 Aluzine 3 Gallon Kit
(2 Gal Resin/1 Gal Hardener)
3 Gal SHOP
REAL-AK_07,5 2:1 Aluzine 7.5 Gallon Kit
(5 Gal Resin/2.5 Gal Hardener)
7.5 Gal SHOP
REAL-AK_15 2:1 Aluzine 15 Gallon Kit
(10 Gal Resin/5 Gal Hardener)
15 Gal SHOP
REAL-AK_75 2:1 Aluzine 78 Gallon Kit
(52 Gal Resin/26 Gal Hard)
78 Gal Call

†When ordering Kits, specify Fast or Slow Hardener

Can of Epoxy Resin Clear 2:1A and Can of Epoxy Hardener Clear 2:1B