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Ideas for Use

  • Plaques
    After the print or picture has been mounted to the wood surface, seal the entire plaque (including the sides) with a solution of 4 parts white glue and 1 part water. This may be done with a brush. Wait 3-4 hours before pouring the surface with coating.
  • Tables & Clocks
    Wood must be dry, level, sanded, and free from loose dirt or dust. Wood should be sealed to prevent air bubbles from escaping into final coat. See instructions under “Seal Coats.” After seal coat dries, flood with Polymer, insuring that the fluid is well distributed after covering the entire surface. If bubbles occur, see statement under “Bubbles & Torching.” Allow your clock or table to cure for 3-4 days in a warm dust-free room.
  • Diplomas & Photograph
    Follow the same directions under Plaques above.
  • Ceramic Statues
    After the ceramic figure is painted, let it thoroughly dry. Pour compound, starting at the top of the figure. Use a small brush to insure that coating is in every crevice.
  • Magazine & Newspaper Clippings
    After the clipping has been mounted to the wood surface, seal the entire plaque with at solution of 4 parts white glue and 1 part water. This will prevent the clippings from becoming translucent. Wait 3-4 hours before pouring the Polymer.
  • Polymer
    A versatile product, may be applied over almost any surface—rough or smooth. It may be applied over leather, wood, varnish, ceramics, rocks, dried flowers, shells, and many other items. If in doubt, test a small sample of the item you wish to pour.

Directions for Use

  1. Measure
    Measure 1 part A (resin) to 1 part B (hardener). Measure exactly.
  2. Mixing
    In a clean container, mix the measured resin and hardener. Stir vigorously for about 2 minutes. In order to insure a beautiful finished product, it is extremely important that the resin and hardener are thoroughly mixed. If bubbles appear, do not worry (see Step 4). Mix only the amount you are going to use.
  3. Pouring Immediately
    As soon as compound is mixed, pour evenly over the surface. A brush may be used for touching up sides or difficult to reach places.
  4. Bubble Breaking
    After a few minutes, bubbles may rise to the surface. They may be
    1. by gently exhaling on bubbles until they are gone. Do not inhale fumes!
    2. by using a propane torch. Hold the torch about 6 inches away from surface and sweep rapidly across until bubbles disappear. (Note: It is carbon dioxide; not heat, which breaks up the bubbles.)
  5. Curing
    For best results, the room temperature should be between 70° F and 80° F. Room humidity should be under 60%. The coated item should be allowed to cure for several days in a dust-free room.
  6. Cleaning Up
    Use acetone to clean up Polymer while it is in the liquid state. After Polymer has cured, it may be removed by sanding or a paint stripper. It is advisable to clean immediately after use.

General Information


Polytex is a 2-part, self-leveling epoxy resin used for decorative finishes. It cures to a thick, shiny coat in about 4 hours. One coat is usually all that is needed to capture a glossy shine. Two or more coats may be applied without damaging the first coat. Polymer is not recommended for exterior use.


Mix only the amount of Polymer that you need at one time. Unused resin and hardener should be left in original containers. After pouring, you have about 20 minutes working time before Polymer begins to harden.

1 oz of Polymer will cover 37 sq. in. ½ Pint kit will cover approximately 2 sq.ft. Pint kit will cover approximately 4 sq.ft. Quart kit will cover approximately 8 sq. ft. Gallon kit will cover approximately 32 sq.ft.


The above are mere suggestions and recommendations for the use and application of Polymer; there are no express warranties intended nor created. In addition, there are no implied warranties of merchantability and there are no warranties which extend beyond the description of the face hereof.

Fatal or harmful if swallowed. If swallowed, induce vomiting, and call a physician immediately.

SEVERE EYE IRRITANT. In case of eye contact, flush with water for ten minutes and seek prompt medical attention.

SKIN. Resin and hardener are skin irritants and may cause allergic reaction. Protective clothing, including plastic gloves, should be worn while handing the compound. If POLYMER accidentally comes in contact with skin, wash affected areas with soap and water immediately.

AVOID INHALATION. Use in well ventilated areas. The compound left in mixing cup more than 2 minutes will cause heat. Resin contains epoxy bishenol, a resin. Hardener contains a polyamine curing agent. Polymer should be used only by adults or under close supervision by an adult.


*Prices subject to change without notice.

Item Number Description Volume Price
REPT-R_01 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Resin Pint SHOP
REPT-R_02 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Resin Quart SHOP
REPT-R_03 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Resin 1/2 Gal SHOP
REPT-R_04 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Resin Gallon SHOP
REPT-R_05 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Resin 5 Gal SHOP
REDR-R101A 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Resin Drum Call
REPT-H_01 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Hardener Pint SHOP
REPT-H_02 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Hardener Quart SHOP
REPT-H_03 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Hardener 1/2 Gal SHOP
REPT-H_04 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Hardener Gallon SHOP
REPT-H_05 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Hardener 5 Gal SHOP
REDR-R210 1:1 Polytex Epoxy Hardener Drum Call
  1:1 Polytex Epoxy 2 Pint Kit
(1 PT Resin/1 PT Hard)
2 Pint SHOP
  1:1 Polytex Epoxy 2 Quart Kit
(1 QT Resin/1 QT Hard)
2 Quart SHOP
  1:1 Polytex Epoxy Gallon Kit
(0.5 Gal Resin/0.5 Gal Hard)
Gallon SHOP
  1:1 Polytex Epoxy 2 Gallon Kit
(1 Gal Resin/1 Gal Hard)
2 Gal SHOP
  1:1 Polytex Epoxy 10 Gallon Kit 10 Gal SHOP
  1:1 Polytex Epoxy 2 Drum Kit
(1 Drum Resin/1 Drum Hard)
2 Drum Call

Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
To request product MSDS please email: Product Support