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For general-purpose epoxy-resin system applications.

System Three Multipurpose Epoxy has excellent pot life and cure-time control. When selecting a hardener, consider the minimum temperature expected during application and the required pot life. Combine different System Three Multipurpose Epoxy Hardeners to provide a continuous range of cure times. Refer to The System Three Epoxy Book to make a proper selection. System Three Multipurpose Epoxy works great for wood construction and repair, for gel-coat blister repair, and for general fiberglass repair. Use with any of the slow, medium, or fast hardeners.


Surface must be sanded and clean, dry and free of oil-based paint, oil, wax, dust and other contaminants. Do not wipe with tack cloth.


Ratio by volume is 2-parts resin A to 1-part hardener B. Ratio by weight is 100 parts resin A to 44 parts hardener B. Do not alter mixing ratio. Mix the resin and hardener together for at least 3 minutes. Large batches need longer mixing for uniform cure.


Best results will be obtained @ 75ยบ F. To avoid waste, mix only the quantity that can be used within the cure time based on the hardener (10, 25, or 60 minutes). Using a roller, brush, squeegee, or spreader apply mixed resin/hardener to surfaces.

Cure Time

Tack-free cure in 2-8 hours; full cure in 7-to-14 days.

Caution! Vapors harmful. Keep out of reach of children.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Item Number Description Volume Price
RES3-21_RS_02 2:1 Multipurpose Resin Quart SHOP
RES3-21_RS_03 2:1 Multipurpose Resin 1/2 Gal SHOP
RES3-21_RS_04 2:1 Multipurpose Resin Gallon SHOP
RES3-21_RS_05 2:1 Multipurpose Resin 5 Gal Call
RES3-21_HF_01 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST Pint SHOP
RES3-21_HM_01 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - MED Pint SHOP
RES3-21_HS_01 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW Pint SHOP
RES3-21_HF_02 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST Quart SHOP
RES3-21_HM_02 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - MED Quart SHOP
RES3-21_HS_02 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW Quart SHOP
RES3-21_HF_03 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST 1/2 Gal SHOP
RES3-21_HM_03 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - MED 1/2 Gal SHOP
RES3-21_HS_03 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW 1/2 Gal SHOP
RES3-21_HF_04 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST Gallon SHOP
RES3-21_HM_04 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - MED Gallon SHOP
RES3-21_HS_04 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW Gallon SHOP
RES3-21_HF_05 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - FAST 5 Gal Call
RES3-21_HM_05 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - MED 5 Gal Call
RES3-21_HS_04 2:1 Epoxy Hardener - SLOW 5 Gal Call

Refer to MSDS PDF icon (22 KB) for further information.

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System Three Multipurpose Epoxy