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For high-quality lamination and repair of wood, fiberglass, kevlar, or graphite-composite construction.

System Three SilverTip Laminating Resin is a medium-low viscosity epoxy resin system that has been optimized for coating and reinforcing fabric saturation in wood-composites. SilverTip Laminating Resin has superior wet-out characteristics with little tendency to foam or trap air. Both the resin and hardener are nearly colorless and are used in an easy 2:1 volumetric ratio. SilverTip Laminating Resin cures to a brilliant blush-free film with either the fast or slow hardener eliminating secondary bonding concerns as experienced with other epoxies. Working time is longer than most boat building epoxies without extending cure time. The cured film is tough and resilient with better heat resistance than other epoxies cured at room temperature.


Surface must be sanded and clean, dry and free of oil-based paint, oil, wax, dust and other contaminants. Do not wipe with tack cloth.


Ratio by volume is 2 parts resin A to 1 part hardener B. Ratio by weight is 100 parts resin A to 43 parts hardener B. Do not alter mixing ratio. Mix the resin and hardener together for at least 3 minutes. Large batches need longer mixing for uniform cure.


Best results will be obtained @ 75ยบ F. To avoid waste, mix only the quantity that can be used in 30 minutes. Pour or brush onto the surface to be laminated, using a roller, brush, etc. apply mixed resin/hardener.

Cure Time

Tack-free cure in 3 hours.

Caution! Vapors harmful. Keep out of reach of children.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Item Number Description Volume Price
RES3-SVRTIPRSN02 SilverTip Laminating Epoxy Resin Quart SHOP
RES3-SVRTIPRSN04 SilverTip Laminating Epoxy Resin Gallon SHOP
RES3-SVRTIPHDF01 SilverTip Epoxy Hardener - FAST Pint SHOP
RES3-SVRTIPHDS01 SilverTip Epoxy Hardener - SLOW Pint SHOP
RES3-SVRTIPHDF02 SilverTip Epoxy Hardener - FAST Quart SHOP
RES3-SVRTIPHDS02 SilverTip Epoxy Hardener - SLOW Quart SHOP
RES3-SVRTIPHDF03 SilverTip Epoxy Hardener - FAST 1/2 Gal SHOP
RES3-SVRTIPHDS03 SilverTip Epoxy Hardener - SLOW 1/2 Gal SHOP

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System Three SilverTip Laminating Epoxy