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For bonding metals, stone, concrete, and even non-porous materials, such as glass.

System Three SilverTip MetlWeld is a tough epoxy adhesive designed to bond dissimilar materials, such as steel to wood. MetlWeld exhibits excellent elastic properties and superior bonding strength, while remaining rigid. MetlWeld will bond to stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, glass, ceramic, neoprene rubber, and most porous surfaces.


Surface should be sanded and clean, dry and free of oil-based paint, oil, wax, dust and other contaminants. Do not wipe with tack cloth.


Ratio by volume is 1 part resin A to 1 part hardener B. Do not alter mixing ratio. Thoroughly mix the resin and hardener together.


Best results will be obtained @ 75ยบ F. To avoid waste, mix only the quantity that can be used in 30 minutes. Using a brush, spreader, or squeegee, apply to surfaces to be bonded.

Cure Time

Tack-free in 4 hours; full cure in 48 hours.

Caution! Vapors harmful. Keep out of reach of children.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Item Number Description Volume Price
RES3-MW005 SilverTip MetlWeld Kit 1/2 Pint SHOP

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System Three SilverTip Metlweld Epoxy