Gels FGH
Base White Cloud White Crystal White Smoke White
Antique White Ivory Lemon Yellow Canary Yellow
Buttercup Yellow Red International Orange Mint Green
Forest Green Conda Green Teal Aqua
Regal Blue Neon Blue Midnight Blue Oak Brown
Fawnskin Light Gray Platinum Gray Seagull Gray
Jet Black Black Tooling Marble Clear Marine UV Clear
Red Tooling      

Fiberglass Hawaii carries a full line of high quality pure pigment gel coats.

Fiberglass Hawaii Gel Coats are basically colored laminating resin.  They will dry tacky unless otherwise treated to make a dry finish.  They may be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on a clean, dry, and sanded surface such as wood or old fiberglass.  They may be laid directly on a fresh, tacky, laminating resin surface without sanding.  Gel coats should not be used on metal as they may crack due to metal expansion and contraction in the sun.  As with any other polyester resin, gel coat will not stick properly to fresh epoxy resins or paints and will probably peel off.  Gel coats should not be laid over any other type of finish except sanded gel coat or resin since putting polyester on lacquer or enamel paint may cause the paint to lift from the surface underneath. All of our gel coats are compatible with Fiberglass Hawaii Polyester Resins.

Call individual locations for color availability. Special order minimum requirements may apply.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Due to variations in computer displays, colors are for reference only, and are not accurate representations of true product hue.

Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
To request product MSDS please email: Product Support

For additional information on gel coat usage and applications, please refer to our Gel Coat Usage PDF
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