Windsurfer, FGH

Cures to a super hard surface, perfect for polishing.

A wax-inhibited, UV-stable finishing resin. Designed for finish coating (top coating) to produce a scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, hard-surface finish. The finish can be polished to a high gloss. Do not use on styrene foam or in temperatures below 60° F. Do not use in direct sunlight. Working time of catalyzed resin is approximately 18-20 minutes.


Fiberglass Hawaii MEKP catalyst must be used as a hardening agent. All Fiberglass Hawaii polyester resins are two part systems except for our UV Cure Surfboard Resins.


To avoid waste, mix only the amount of resin that can be applied in 18-20 minutes. Spread evenly over the entire surface, approximately 12-18 mils thick (about the thickness of a dime or 1/32 of an inch).


Finish coating surfboards, table and bar tops, most woods, fiberglass surfaces, fiberglass tanks

Keep out of reach of children

Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
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Item Number Description Volume Price
RPOO-SF01 Surfboard Finishing/Gloss Pint SHOP
RPOO-SF02 Surfboard Finishing/Gloss Quart SHOP
RPOO-SF04 Surfboard Finishing/Gloss Gallon SHOP
RPOO-SF05 Surfboard Finishing/Gloss 5 Gal SHOP
RPRI-32737 Surfboard Finishing/Gloss Drum Call
Can of surfboard finishing resin