Windsurfer, FGH

Does not need catalyst.
Working time is unlimited.
Cures when exposed to sunlight or UV lighting.

A wax-free, clear, UV-stable laminating resin that cures when exposed to natural sunlight or ultraviolet light. Designed for fiberglass laminations, which require a transparent-resin system. Ideal for bonding single or multiple layers of fiberglass cloth to foam, most woods, and fiberglass surfaces. Do not use on polystyrene. Do not expose to direct sunlight until the part is ready for cure. Resin is a light blue color in liquid and thick solid casting form, yet appears water clear in thin laminates.


Fiberglass Hawaii MEKP Catalyst must be added to Fiberglass Hawaii UV Cure resin where light cannot penetrate i.e., fin boxes, leash plugs, pigmented or thick laminates.


As long as a UV light source is not present, working time is unlimited. Place in direct sunlight for cure. Resin must be exposed to sunlight or UV lights for 10 minutes for complete cure. To sand surface you must apply either Fiberglass Hawaii UV Cure Sanding or Fiberglass Hawaii catalyzed Sanding resin.


Applying fiberglass cloth to surfboards, most woods, and fiberglass surfaces where clear or transparent laminates are a requirement.

Keep out of reach of children

Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
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Item Number Description Volume Price
RPOO-UVSL01 UV Surfboard Laminating Pint SHOP
RPOO-UVSL02 UV Surfboard Laminating Quart SHOP
RPOO-UVSL04 UV Surfboard Laminating Gallon SHOP
RPOO-UVSL05 UV Surfboard Laminating 5 Gal SHOP
RPSL-UV249A UV Surfboard Laminating Drum Call
Can of UV cure surfboard laminating resin