Windsurfer, FGH

Fillers are added to resins and gel coats for specific flow characteristics and to extend volume.


AEROSIL: Aerated silica particles used to thicken resin for glue applications and to prevent sagging on vertical surfaces. It will not reduce tensile strength. It is light and fluffy, but difficult to mix.

Item Number Description Volume Purchase
FLAS-3200 Aerosil QT (2oz)
FLAS-LB00 Aerosil 1 LB
FLAS-LB01 Aerosil 10 LB

CHOPPED FIBERS: Fiberglass strands ½” long for strengthening a resin mix or add to putty. It makes a coarse mixture that will trap air bubbles if not properly applied.

Item Number Description Volume Purchase
FLCF-LB 1/2" Chopped Fiberglass 1 LB SHOP
  1/2" Chopped Fiberglass 5 LB SHOP
  1/2" Chopped Fiberglass 30 LB SHOP

DECK DUST: A fine acrylic powder used to make a non-skid surface on windsurfers and possibly boat decks. Because of the small particle size, the liquid medium must be a thinned paint or finish resin.

Item Number Description Volume Price
FLDD-LB_01 Non-Skid Deck Dust 1 LB SHOP
  Non-Skid Deck Dust 5 LB SHOP
  Non-Skid Deck Dust 50 LB SHOP

GLASS BUBBLES: Lightweight glass microspheres for high build rough faring and filling operations.  Easier to control gel time and sand than body filler, but will leave a porous surface that must be primered. In very thick (5”) lay-ups, it disperses heat well to reduce cracking and shrinkage. It is superior in strength and workability to body filler, especially when mixed with epoxy resin systems.

Item Number Description Volume Price
FLGB-K25_01LB Glass Bubbles 1 LB SHOP
  Glass Bubbles 5 LB SHOP
FLGB-K25_80LB Glass Bubbles 80 LB SHOP

MICROBALLOONS (brown plastic microspheres): A lightweight thickener for fairing. It is similar to Q-cel, except it is easier to sand and is more expensive. It will not prevent sagging, and it also reduces tensile strength. Both this and Q-cel can be mixed with aerosil or thiksil to prevent sagging.

Item Number Description Volume Price
FLMB-02 Brown Microballoons Quart (4 oz) SHOP
FLMB-LB_01 Brown Microballoons 1 LB SHOP
FLMB-LB_08 Brown Microballoons 8 LB SHOP
FLMB-LB_30 Brown Microballoons 26.5 LB SHOP

MICROCELL: Very light easy sanding fairing material.

Item Number Description Volume Price
FLMC-LB02 Microcell Quart (2 oz) SHOP
FLMC-LB_0,5 Microcell 8 oz SHOP
FLMC-LB02 Microcell 2 LB SHOP
FLMC-LB15 Microcell 15 LB SHOP

MILLED FIBERS: Finely chopped fiberglass fibers that mix with resin to form a jelly-like paste with maximum strength. It does not lay on smoothly and is difficult to sand.

Item Number Description Volume Price
FLMF-1_32 Milled Fibers 1 LB SHOP
FLMF-LB50 Milled Fibers 50 LB SHOP

Q-CEL (quartz microspheres): A low cost lightweight white resin thickener for fairing and filling compounds. It is a little more difficult to sand than microballoons as quartz is a hard material, and it will not prevent resin sagging on vertical surfaces and should not be used for glue as it reduces tensile strength. It is commonly used for patching surfboards because of its light weight.

Item Number Description Volume Price
FLQC-02 Q-Cel Quart (4 oz) SHOP

THIKSIL: Silica particles similar to aerosil except that they are heavier and easier to mix. Both aerosil and thiksil are solid particles that soak up resin and are therefore heavy. It helps reduce sagging on a vertical surface and is easy to mix.

Item Number Description Volume Price
FLTS-02 Thiksil Quart (4 oz) SHOP
FLTS-LB_01 Thiksil 1 LB SHOP
FLTS-LB_30 Thiksil 30 LB SHOP

*Prices subject to change without notice.


Various Fiberglass Hawaii Fillers may be combined for different purposes, such as adding aerosil to microballoons to prevent sagging on vertical surfaces.  These fillers may be used with both polyester and epoxy resins